Unearthed! A few of Poino’s limited edition posters from their final tour have been found box-secreted under sawdust and dead skin-tones.

Spice up your lodge with one of these stunning 200gsm high quality semi-gloss prints and get a free download of their swan song ‘Zil Konig’ to boot. Give the dog a bonus!



Following the release of Ross Blake’s album ‘Pretty en Rose - Original Soundtrack’, comes a new music video for the hypnotic 'Karen Black' single, a radiant mélange of 2D and 3D animation assembled by the multi-talented William Cunningham.

The video was recently premiered and made track of the day on Clash Music.

You’ll find more of more of Cunningham’s work HERE.



Horse Arm are very proud to bring you the debut album of English composer Ross Blake:
‘Pretty en Rose – Original Soundtrack’.

'Pretty en Rose' is a documentary directed by underground auteur Angélique Bosio, and charts the career of cult Parisian fashion icon Fifi Chachnil. Blake and Bosio have been acquainted for some time following Blake’s discovery of her earlier film 'Lilk Your Idols', which documented The Cinema of Transgression in 80’s-90’s New York. Having then been similarly impressed by Blake’s theatrical soundtracks and the experimental leanings of his former bands Buttonhead and Poino, she summarily enlisted him to provide a simpatico score to her film; a documentary that transcends Fifi Chachnil’s diva persona, and looks behind the exotic veil of her idealised Parisian glamour-puss image to investigate the personality within.

Fearlessly charting a journey into a world of mystery, Blake’s delirious offering conjures up the glamorous milieu of its parent film while simultaneously gliding far beyond it to inhabit deeper poetic realms of the imagination.

It has garnered some noteworthy praise so far…

“The more this went on, the more I liked it, reminding me of some deranged 70s religious album that everyone wants to find the original pressing of. (5/5 Stars)”
Jonny Trunk - Record Collector Magazine

“Blake’s Soundtrack presents an evocative blend of ethereal ripples that weave classic French pop tones into richly textured dreamscapes."
Electronic Sound

Following its premiere this week on The Quietus, the album is now available in all good stores on 180g vinyl (limited edition of 200) featuring bonafide Pierre et Gilles cover art of Fifi Chachnil herself! You can order the vinyl HERE (ships from UK or US). You will also find the album on the streaming platform of your choice HERE.

Pretty en NOW

See video

Ahead of the November release of Ross Blake's debut album ‘Pretty en Rose – Original Soundtrack’ comes the second single ‘House of Miracles’, accompanied by a sumptuous animated music video by Paris-based artist Sophie Gaucher.

Channeling Intuitive Drawing and Grotesques Art influences she brings to life a hand-drawn assemblage of creatures, body parts, faces and deformities that continually merge and morph into and around one another. It makes for a fitting hallucinatory counterpart to Blake's dreamy musical passages, laden with fuzzy synths, bed-time clarinet and the soaring vocals of Natalie Sharp (Lone Taxidermist / Gazelle Twin).

The video recently premiered on Lonely Table and you can read what they wrote HERE.

'House of Miracles' also featured on the latest radio broadcast of Jonny Trunk’s The OST Show, on London’s Resonance FM 104.4FM. You can hear it, amongst other picks from the album and a wide selection of soundtrack-related gems chosen by Mr. Blake, HERE.



Buttonhead’s long awaited second album ‘Never or Forget’ is out now on Horse Arm, with wondrous cover art by Lloyd Bowen.

“…it twists and turns making a kind of skewed sense as the prettiest melodies leak through the scattershot melee.”
Prog Magazine

Trot on over to their Bandcamp and grab it as a Digital Download or as part of a special discount bundle that includes their previous album '3D Opera Whale'. 

You'll also find it at all of the favourite sound-towns: Spotify, Apple Music, Googleplay, etc.

Always be remember.


Horse Arm are mighty proud to announce the upcoming release of Ross Blake’s debut album ‘Pretty en Rose – Original Soundtrack’, a fantastical assortment of compositions made to perfectly compliment the French documentary ‘Pretty en Rose’, directed by Angélique Bosio.

The album will be released November 24th on 180g vinyl (limited to 200 copies) as well as Digital Download, with bonafide Pierre et Gilles cover art! You can pre-order it all HERE. and get a free download of ‘Karen Black’ that you can keep for your entire computer-life.

You will also find the single and the album lying in waited breath on the streaming platform of your choice HERE.

Until when…then.


Today the brand new single from Ross Blake premiers on Self-Titled Magazine!

‘Karen Black’, is the first glimpse into his upcoming album ‘Pretty en Rose – Original Soundtrack’ and feature the vocals of Techno pioneer Karen Gwyer.


See video

It’s National Dog Day and Buttonhead are back with a meditative musical pooch video for their new song 'Coombe Dean', directed by the band's own Ross Blake. This ghostly lament will give you a taste of their forthcoming second album 'Never or Forget', which we are happy to announce will be released by Horse Arm on September 29th!

Dog Day After No One


Horse Arm now has some leg-muscle in Portland, Oregon!

We have updated all of our Bandcamp Artist Pages so that if you live in the US or close by (Canada / Mexico), you can now purchase physical stock from our US field operation and save a ship-tonne on postage costs. Supplies are currently very limited but feel free to chomp at the bit-rate.

The catalogue is also in full-digital-distribution™ mode so you can stream and download it from all of your favourite cyber-ports: Spotify, Apple Music, Googleplay, etc.

Log up and digi-flume!

See video

Flowing at heels of Ross Blake's debut EP Parallel Wine, stirs this silky optic shot for the song Permanent Waving, fully catered by the musician himself.

Distraction O' Lait

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