Buttonhead, a rampaging rainbow of noise-pop with a penchant for polymesmeric song structures and fractured melodies, is a multi-headed beast with one shivering b’glittered body; comprising Ross Blake, Tobias Warwick Jones, Valentina Magaletti, Eloise Goulder and Daniel John Boyle.

The group’s wildly disparate influences of tropicalia, avant pop, spacious psyche, experimental rock, yé-yé and anthemic film music have been decisively distilled into their long-awaited debut album ‘3D Opera Whale’.

Buttonhead’s musicians have enjoyed other distinct and absorbing musical travails within a thicket of variable renown. Skin-jabbing Magaletti moonlights in Bat For Lashes and the monolithic $hit & $hine. Boyle once contributed to the ‘kaleidoscopic claustrophonics’ of Gentle Friendly whilst lending his multi-instrumental skills to Banjo or Freakout. Meanwhile Blake thrumps at first bass in the Noise Rock trio Poino.