POINO - Moan Loose


HAR CD01 / DD01 - December 2010
HAR LP01 - March 2011

"Clocking in at just over 30 minutes 'Moan Loose', the debut album from English trio Poino, works an unrelenting succession of surprises, musical ideas and changes of direction into a remarkably tight and focused package. There is no fat on this record, only lean muscle, the brutal force of which is delivered as soon as you hit ‘play’.” (Peter Flesch - Fleschian Gazette)

BUTTONHEAD - 3D Opera Whale


HAR LP02 - 30th June 2012
HAR DD02 - 30th July 2012

Buttonhead, a rampaging rainbow of noise-pop with a penchant for polymesmeric song structures and fractured melodies, is a multi-headed beast with one shivering b'glittered body: comprising Ross Blake, Tobias Warwick Jones, Valentina Magaletti, Eloise Goulder and Daniel John Boyle. The group's wildly disparate influences of tropicalia, avant pop, spacious psyche, experimental rock, ye ye and anthemic film music have been decisively distilled into their long-awaited debut album '3D Opera Whale'. Like a Polaroid camera poignantly capturing a fleeting summer spent on the high-time psychic ropes, '3D opera whale' effectively encapsulates a moment when everything seemed possible.


BUTTONHEAD – Champion Bread (Video Edit)


HAR DD03  - 30th April 2012

Free Download for this video edit version of 'Champion Bread'. 

Full length version available on '3D Opera Whale'.



HAR DD04 - 1st September 2013

"Both gorgeous and antagonistic, the Brit trio takes a series of elementary bass riffs and hollowed-out drum fills, constructing a jungle gym of a punk fiasco." (Seattle Weekly)



HAR DD05 - 1st September 2013

"Recorded over nine days in Chicago with legendary producer Steve Albini...this unique album pulls out all the stops from the first track 'Magmanic' onwards. The sheer originality of the frenzied angular punk onslaught glides neatly into the less frenetic 'Cranium Crux' and the more acoustic groove of 'Venus Medallist'...Cacophonic fusion of punk power, pop universality and jazz intricacy pervade on an album that has indeed succeeded in making it pop." (Jules Willis - BBC)

GIDDY MOTORS - Whirled by Curses


HAR DD06 - 1st September 2013

"Giddy Motors...offer a wrought, fractured take on the post-hardcore blueprint, combining raw, Albini-cised bassy abrasiveness with a wild, scattered poeticism, epitomised by the suitably visceral Henry Miller quote offered in the record sleeve, all topped off with some genuinely surprising rhythmic jolts and a serpentine, liquid structure." (Tom Eyers - Drowned In Sound)



HAR DD07 - 1st September 2013

"'Magmanic' is a succint blast of deranged vitriol that serves as a neat summary of where Giddy Motors are at. Errant and chaotic, but ultimately focused, 'Magmanic's jagged chord patterns are held down by a reflexive, acrobatic rhythm section." (Insound)



HAR DD08 - 1st September 2013

"At just over half an hour, it's terrifyingly concise, slowly churning through brawny post-hardcore pigfuck before easing in to back-turned fuck-off insanity, making the transition slow and steady and saying all they really need to say. The same jazz-influenced diversions are there, but folded imperceptibly into an otherwise accessible grind-- you won't remember the ringing arpeggios of 'Panzrama' because they're the grease puddle that slides into the disc's most memorable chorus. (That's "DISEASE!" Can't miss it.) A statement that concise is the mark of a band with plenty to show but nothing to prove, and it's remarkable that something so tightly focused can remind us how broad the horizon of underground should be." (Jason Crock - Pitchfork)



HAR DD09 - 1st September 2013

Includes the singles: 'Sassy', 'Whirled by Curses' and 'Magmanic' but also features a previously unreleased track; the dark, sparse and gorgeously twisted 'Some Beers, Etc.'.





STAER - Daughters


HAR CD10 - 1st October 2013

They take sonic experimentation to the highest levels of rawness possible, burning through waves of dissonant and chaotic guitar phrasing and insanity derived bass and drum blasts.” (Sound Colour Vibration)



POINO - Bon Ick Voyeur


HAR LP11 - 23rd June 2014
HAR CD11 - 23rd June 2014
HAR DD11 - 23rd June 2014

"The songs have no formula, they adhere to no genre and the ones they touch on are absorbed wholesale into their own madness." (Louder Than War)

"The urgency, the erratic surges, that sense of simmering agitation metered out by punctuating eye jabbing riffs, crooked stop start zig zag time signatures and that feeling that your one misjudged chord away from total collapse and chaos." (The Sunday Experience)

"It’s an unholy collection of clashing ideas and sounds – with a beautiful ugliness as if they’re describing a scarred industrial wasteland reclaimed by nature." (Sounds XP)

POINO - Zil Konig


HAR DD12 - 15th May 2016

ROSS BLAKE - Parallel Wine


HAR DD13 - 29th May 2016

BUTTONHEAD - Never or Forget


HAR DD14 - 29th September 2017

"It’s not often you get a listen that is difficult, adventurous and inimitably fun, but that is exactly what Never Or Forget is: a maniacal kaleidoscope of a molotov cocktail that ignites despite and because of its disparate alchemical components. It’s a brilliantly arcane trip." (The Quietus)